My interest in art began at birth. PhDuggHoodotography was a natural creative tool. Along with these early years of child development was my interest in music. My music abilities were tested in elementary school. Our music teacher proudly gushed with joy and highly recommended I take up the flute. (the flute) It was then. At that very moment. I had a divine calling.  A voice from the heavens to be a drummer! I progressed naturally into rock n roll. 

    One of my interests is tinkering with machinery. My summers spent in California working at my uncle’s motorcycle shop. I may have been 12 when I rode my first motorcycle. Have no idea if I broke the 100 pound, over 5 ft. tall mark yet. This bike was a Triumph Bonneville 750 and at that time, was larger than massive! I nervously over revved the beast and popped the clutch zipping me down the street doing what seemed a stand up wheelie for about 100 yards. I may vaguely recall slight details of my first kiss however, will never forget my first ride on that Triumph.

    At the mature age of 16, I made acquaintance with a school mate. I begged, pleaded, threatened and finally convinced him to sell me his pristine snow white 61 Chevy big block 409 Super Sport with “trips.” (three, large two barrel carburetors) Shouldn’t every young man of 16 own a practical vehicle like this? Moving forward, graduating from high school, was continuing the advancement of my music career. I was earning a good living and sure didn’t mind the lifestyle. But alas, I woke up, sold my 12 piece drum kit, packed up my Fiat Spider and headed off to art/design school in New York.


    My professional career has been involved in the printing and publishing business. My career has been involved as Creative Director, VP of Sales and Marketing. Digital Photography had barely started when I met a photographer through a mutual client. We both shared similar interests (cars+photography) Next thing we know, we were photographing motorsport events in Texas then progressed to the entire country. I also maintained a career in the publishing business. My boss summoned me into his office one day and explained, I needed to “get my priorities straight”. Just like the flute of my childhood. It was then, I was off on my own and formed Cafe Photo in 2001.


Art + Design + Photography + Rock n Roll + Love for the machine = Cafe Photo. (No flutes)
Hope you will see this in our photos!

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