= FAQ’s =

(Frequently asked questions)

“Hey Cafe Photo! How long will in take to receive my order?”

Most orders ship same or next day. This excludes holidays and weekends. Some custom orders and posters may take a few additional days . If you provide contact information with your order, we will contact you to confirm your order has been shipped.

“Hey Cafe Photo! How many photos will I get on my Event CD/Disc?”

The amount of photos you should expect depends on your driving and the event (session time length and frequency of sessions, your participation) To answer your question is an estimate based on previous events. Plus or minus 50 photos range. We give you every photo you appear in. If you are in the back of another vehicle or in partial view, those photos will be included. Some events with endurance races, combined groups/class or longer than usual sessions will generally yield many more photos.

“Hey Cafe Photo! Why can’t I get instant downloads of files? I want instant gratification!”

We can offer this service however, have chosen not to. We look at and clean up, tweak all images ordered. For instance, in a rare case where the photo(s) you order may not be 100% focus or some other quality issue, we will generally send you the photo you ordered then send you a similar photo that may be better. Even if your photo appears to be great, we optimize it to look better. We prefer to offer personalized service for every order rather than an automated service.

“Hey Cafe Photo! Can I get full resolution files or are they all smaller versions?

Single digital files and event photo discs are full high resolution images. Nothing is ever reduced or altered. We want you to be able to use and enjoy your photos as you wish.

“Hey Cafe Photo! Can I get my photos without your watermark or logo on my digital files?”

Yes, always. We never place any logos or watermarks on any digital files you purchase. Preview photos on this website have a “watermark”. This watermark is to prohibit our photos from unauthorized reproduction.

“Hey Cafe Photo! I want to order a special print blending two of my photos. How do I do this?”

Some people know what they would like to see. Others may be lost. First, let us know what you might have in mind. Possibly, a photo you like best. Some ideas may be seen at our Special Effects Gallery page at: http://cafephotoevents.com/special-effects-gallery We will need to know the size of print you wish to order. The next step is, we will create a sample and send it to you via email. We will not print anything until we receive your approval!

“Hey Cafe Photo! How long do you keep photos from the events?”

We keep them forever. Our website shows events to 2011. We go back much further however, you will need to contact us directly if you are interested in older events. We will need to know the year, best guess of month and the event name and classification/group you participated.

“Hey Cafe Photo! Do you have multiple cameras set up all over the track automatically shooting?”

No. Besides, we can’t afford all those sticks and duct tape. One camera is attached to the photographer shooting one shot at a time with (hair trigger) reaction. We take pride in shooting a different photo every lap and visit many key points throughout the course.

“Hey Cafe Photo! Can you shoot a parked photo of my car and me at the track?”

Yes! Just track me down and we will figure out when and where to do it. If you order an Event Photo CD/Disc, we will include those photos at no additional charge.

“Hey Cafe Photo! What settings do you use on your camera?”

All of them. Some of them sometimes, most of them most times. Never in “Auto” mode.

“Hey Cafe Photo! Do you do anything else for a living besides shooting motor sport events?”

Yes we do. We photograph personal “Car Portraits”, portraits, business architecture, real estate, parties, events, conventions and pretty much everything except weddings. We also provide touch up, enhancing, restoration of old photos (Photoshop) work. For more information, visit our portfolio website at: http://cafephotoaustin.com

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